New Music and Visual Arts Standards PD facilitated by NYSED Trained Presenters
March 9, 2018 @ Allegany-Limestone MS/HS
MUSIC trainer:  Nikki Jo Cole from Corning
Visual Arts trainer:  Lisa Lawson from Sweet Home
8:00-8:30 am           Registration

8:30-11:30 am         Standards Overview
  • Philsophicla foundations & lifetime goals
  • Artistic Literacy
  • Structure of the New NYS Arts Standards
  • NYS artistic processes, anchor standards, and performance indicators
  • Coding of the NYS Arts Standards
  • How to use enduring understandings & essential questions
  • Inclusion strategies for the new arts standards
11:30-12:30 pm        Lunch

12:30-3:30 pm          Visual Arts & Music Discipline Specific Breakout Sessions
  • Using the new standards to drive curriculum development
  • Contemporary discipline specific practices and goals
  • Student focused learning

Participants should bring the following:
*An electronic device
*A copy of their standards (or downloaded to their device)
*Lesson plans and/or curricular materials