The policy board consists of representatives from all of the Teacher Center's public and private districts as well as other business and educational members.


2018 8-2019 Policy Board Officers/Committee Members:

Chair:  Monica Kwiatkowski, Co-Chair:  Katie Clouse,  Treasurer:  Mary Schena     

Ex. Committee: Ira Katzenstein & Rene Hauser (and officers) 

Funding Committee: Angela Anderson & Judy Luensman (and Ex. Committee and officers)

2018-19 Meetings:
Thursday, September 20 (select officers and committee members) MINUTES
Thursday, October 18 MINUTES
Thursday, November 29 MINUTES
Thursday, January 10 MINUTES
Thursday, February 7 Funding committee

Thursday, March 7 MINUTES

Thursday, April 11th

Thursday, April 15th special meeting MINUTES

Wednesday, June 5th MINUTES

**schedule funding committee/executive meeting dates for Feb, and April if needed; have executive meetings directly after all regular meetings are completed.

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CATC Director,
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