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March 6th 3:00-4:30

Leading Students in the Power of Reflection

YOU know the power of reflecting on your lesson to grow and improve, but do your STUDENTS know they have this power?  Reflection will help them to drive their brains towards their learning goals. Learn how to teach your students (as young as kindergarten!) to practice this pattern: Set a Goal, Choose a Strategy, Self-Assess, Reflect, Repeat.  See how teachers are using Sown to Grow to teach this important metacognitive skill.

March 8th 

Greg Ahlquist - In this interactive session for Middle and High School teachers (especially 9th and 10th grade Global teachers), we will break down the Enduring Issues essay so that teachers and students can be prepared for the 10th grade assessment.  We will also focus on scoring the Enduring Issues essay so that we can align assessment and instructional practices to the skills and demands of the Global Regents.  Time will also be devoted to the Constructed Response Questions which have arguably the greatest practical application to the Middle School Social Studies classroom.  We will also calibrate and score these to ensure assessment consistency and ways to use such questions in the classroom.  If time permits, we will examine stimulus based multiple choice questions and ways to incorporate them and related discrete skills into classroom practice.    

March 20th
BHSC Title: Case Studies In Challenging Behaviors of Children on the Autism Spectrum: Building Healthy Relationships Using DIR Floortime Strategies
Speaker: Bridget Palmer, CCC-SLP, Liberty Post

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