• November 19 - Dec 3rd: Introduction to The Virtues Project at Boundless Connections (160 N. Union St in Olean)

Check Back, More opportunities will be posted as the school year goes on!

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November 19th 
First Session of The Virtues Project: The Virtues Project contains proven strategies for awakening virtues the gifts within. It represents a holistic approach to character education that can easily be integrated into existing curricula in any classrooms.
Dec. 5th Get in the Know - Exploring 5 of Microsofts' Best Kept Secrets: Microsoft Educators Community, Delve, Forms: take a tour of these three little known but powerful tools. See how to use them to gather information, organize the sea of docs that have been shared with you, connect and collaborate with educators around the world and get in-depth training on teaching and technology. Then I’ll show you the hidden gems of engagement and productivity you never noticed inside Skype and Outlook.
Dec. 5th
BHSC FALL SERIES Title: Teaching Foundational Skills to Early Learners with ASD: Skill Development for Non-Verbal and Minimally Verbal Speakers: Jennifer Rumfola, CCC/SLP, BCBA/LBA, Private Practice

The Teaching Center Office has changed rooms and we are moving our contact email to the cloud.  Mike Marvin can be reached at:
Phone:716-375-6600 ext 2340 
e-mail at catcdirector@gmail.com.  
Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 1:30-5:30

(start date 6/7/2013)

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