Mindsets in the Classroom Mini Projects

Two third grade teachers form ALCS and 5 from Olean's East View Elementary used the strategies in Mindsets in the 
Classroom to improve their classroom learning environment.  Through instruction of respectful interactions and self motivation, the project had a positive impact on all common core standard areas in regard to student learning. Students felt empowered to take risks in the classroom. Through a collaboration with CABOCES, the two disticts were able to hold an end-of-the year get together to celebrate their successes and discuss the impact on their students from this project. 

"We think students definitely understand what a growth mindset philosophy or mentality is. We think they were less likely to give up and had a more positive attitude about learning especially when it came to difficult skills or assignments."--Miller & Reed, ALCS participants
That One Kid Book Study
Seven Allegany-Limestone Elementary teachers looking to help students achieve success in their classrooms with fewer interruptions opted to participate in a book study on That One Kid book.  They felt that the book was well organized but better suited for a middle school or high school level classroom.  

"We would recommend this book for intermediate grade levels, middle school, and high school teachers.   The book was very enlightening, but a lot of it was geared towards middle school/high school students.  It renewed our sense of understanding as to why students behave the way they do.  It gave us insight and empathy as to why students act the way they do."--ALCS participants
Notes & Quotes by Chapter

Phonics They Use Book Study
Eight K-5 teachers from ALCS participated in a group book study to address CCSS foundation skills 1 & 21.  The group used both pre- and post-work surveys to assess the impact of this study on individual teachers.  The Center provided the books as part of the study and the teachers received a modest stipend compared to the time and work they produced.  One of the documents created can be accessed by clicking on this link; it gives a list of all the topics covered in the chapters along with notes discussed regarding the topic by the group.

"Thank you so much to the Teacher Center for encouraging professional development! A lot of great collaboration & learning happened, as a result of this. Also, new phonics strategies are being implemented in classrooms...excitement has been peeked for both teachers & students....lots of conversations and sharing have been happening."--facilitator, R. Austin

Other teacher commented that though they knew many strategies for phonics prior to the study, they were able to learn new ideas and techniques in the teaching of phonics as well as the why we do it and why students need it.
Drawing a Blank: Improving Reading Comprehension for Readers on the Autism Spectrum Book Study
Several teachers from Friendship Central School participated in a district book study on Emily Iland's Drawing a Blank book.  

What Really Matters for Struggling Readers Book Study
Ten teachers from West Valley Central School participated in a book study to utilize the strategies in R.L. Allington's book for struggling readers.