Strength Solutions:  The Virtues Project training for parents & teachers
7 district teams are participating in 15 hours of training (8 face-to-face & 7 online)

Working with young people today has it challenges 

Needed:  7 DISTRICT TEAMS for Strength Solutions Training 

TEAMS:  Max of 3 (teachers, parents, guidance counselors, other); additional participants will be at district cost

AGE:  Any grade level

If you interact with young people who need to develop social & emotional skills; struggle to maintain healthy friendships; make inappropriate choices by acting before thinking; are constantly bickering, bullying, tattling, arguing, or fighting; and participate in gossip or hurtful talk to or about others this training is for you.

This training provides 5 strategies for

  1.        Creating spaces that are welcoming to everyone
  2.        Maintaining your own positive energy and good humor
  3.        Setting clear boundaries for yourself and helping kids do the same
  4.        Moving from reactive to pro-active interactions with kids
  5.        Understanding the unique role that gender socialization plays in behaviors

Discover your character strengths and learn the five strategies that help you rock your life.  Explore how men and women are encouraged to develop different strengths and explore how we can learn from each other. This 15-hour (8 hours face to face, 7 hours on-line) workshop will help you discover how great you already are and set you on a path for further growth.

Introduction to the Virtues Project: The Virtues Project has been providing personal and professional development programs, trainings, and materials on these five strategies of strength development for decades and helping people around the world to create a culture of character in homes, schools, and work environments.  Twelve hours of training will be the Introduction to The Virtues Project. Through these strategies you will learn to see and communicate the strengths in yourself and others, set clear boundaries, recognize when you can grow by using your strengths and help yourself and others rely on Strength in times of distress and conflict.

Beyond the Divide: Men and Women learning from Each Other: This unique program developed by the instructors helps participants understand how gender norms shape the positive characteristics that each gender is encouraged to develop as we grow up.  The three-hour workshop helps people appreciated the strengths that everyone brings to the table and provides the framework for us to learn from each other.

Cost (for additional participants): $600 plus materials – Some scholarships available.





Speak the Language of the Virtues Honoring the Spirit, Recognize Teachable moments




Beyond the Divide: Men and Women Learning from Each Other




Set Clear Boundaries, Companioning

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