LOTE:  Articulated World Language Thematic Curriculum Design

Dr. Jennifer Eddy

October 5, 2018  from  8:30 am-3:00 pm

Room 42 @ Allegany-Limestone CSD (3131 5 Mile Road)

Articulation is intentional curriculum design for language performance and proficiency goals between levels, buildings and schools. This workshop guides department chairs and teacher leaders to design thematic curriculum for intercultural competence. This course guides teachers through a model framework, aligning Understanding by Design with the World Readiness standards. We will explore universal intercultural perspectives that unfold global themes over the language curriculum. Teachers will use a template to design a thematic, culture-driven curricular unit in the three stages of Understanding by Design specific for World Languages that they can later use to turnkey their department.

Teachers who attended March 9, 2018 will see how their performance assessments are aligned with an articulated curriculum design for their K-12, 7-12, 9-12 or 7-14 curriculum.

Thematic Curriculum Design

This hands-on design day will guide teachers to:

  • Establish a baseline understanding of Articulated Curriculum Design/Backward Design
  • Begin the process and timeline for the curriculum redesign
  • Select the curriculum themes that will be threaded throughout a curriculum
  • Develop Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions
  • Design Stage Two (Summative Integrated Performance Assessment) and Stage Three (formative task examples for lessons)