This year's NYSMSA Conference held on June 30, 2015, at Cuba-Rushford Middle School featured presenter, Jack Berckemeyer.  Jack's keynote session captivated the audience on "Classroom Management: Managing the Madness."  During the day, he presented two additional sessions on "Taming of the Team: How Great Teams Work Together" and "Student Engagement and Motivation."  Participants did hands-on work to experience how to modify their classroom techniques to reach students and become more effective as a team member in their schools.

Mark Mambretti: If you take a Mouse to school...

Two sets of break-out sessions throughout the day featured presentations such as Mark Mambretti, East Aurora MS principal (ABOVE) on the topic of "If you take a Mouse to school....", Rachel Wysocki's presentations of "Close Reading in the Common Core Classroom" and "Inquiry Research in the Common Core Classroom", Kimberly Lewis' "Middle Schoolers have Plastic Brains!" and "Nearpod and other Techie Tools to Try for Foreign Language", along with subject-specific sessions on math, science, social studies, and FACS.

  • "Excellent speaker!  Jack's presentations were relevant and fun!  I learned ways to roll out research in class from the ELA session (with Rachel Wysocki)"
  • "Primary presenter was fabulous; lunch was awesome"
  • "Jack Berckmeyer--focus on teams focusing on student needs, efficiency, and restructuring consistency among team to help students"
  • "Jack and Mark both offered very valuable information. As a new principal, I found this VERY helpful"
  • "Jack made time fly -- great humor!"
  • "Fast-paced, relevant"
  • "Keynote was great--lots to think about and implement; very motivational"
  • "Jack was a great speaker! Learned how to engage kids meaningfully (loved the spelling games!)"
  • "Keynote speaker was phenomenal!!"

One thing I learned in today's workshop that I didn't know before attending
  • "Collaboration with team is essential!" 
  • "MS from a student's perspective"
  • "Discipline as a Team"
  • "The team is the perfect vehicle with which to solve the problems in education"
  • "Great ways to work as a team and get kids up and moving"

Would you attend another workshop hosted by the C-A Teacher Center?:  
  • "Yes--if they're as fun and informative as this one!"
  • "Absolutely! Relevant to all...not just teachers"
  • "Yes! Both years have been awesome!"
  • "Yes--very informational--no wasted time"
  • "Yes! This was excellent"

Participation during the day--



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