What the Teacher Center Director Does

GOAL: To provide Instructional Support for the teachers of the supporting member institutions, promoting the NYSED educational initiatives.
KEY ESSENTIALS: Common Core, APPR, Data Analysis, and "College & Career Ready" Skills
PRIMARY JOB DESCRIPTION: To provide Professional Development opportunities utilizing the monies from the C-A Grant in the following ways:
  • Public Relations
  • Development and execution of a needs assessment
  • Determine the capacity of running previously established professional development opportunity programs & modify where needed
  • Workshop opportunities aligned with the vision and disseminate to participating schools
  • Present workshops in area of expertise or provide classroom support to teachers when needed
  • Maintain clear accounting and attendance records
  • Evaluate effectiveness of each workshop/Professional Development opportunity

What can the Teacher Center do for you?

If you know what you need, you can fill out the application on the TC Funding Materials page.
If you are considering incorporating some type of technology and aren't sure exactly what you want, we can meet with you and help you make a decision.
This isn't just about funds for spending; it is also about giving you the support you need to make critical changes in your classroom.  Being able to network with other teachers is very important.  Utilizing the assets that we already have among us and sharing them makes us all better teachers for our students.
The Teacher Center is a means for connecting all of its members; please do not hesitate in making a request or asking for guidance in getting the support you need.