Who We Are

Our Mission, History, and Policy Board

Catt-Allegany Teacher Resource Center

History/Mission Statement

The CA Teacher Center is an organization dedicated to the professional development of teachers, and equipping  teacher with all the opportunities they need to improve classroom instruction and live up to the motto: "A source for teachers, A promise for students." Begun in 1984, and funded yearly by a New York State grant, we are currently one of more than 125 Teacher Centers functioning under the parentage of the State Education Department and the New York State United Teachers. We are a consortium of 20 public and 2 non-public schools serving approximately 1900 teachers in Cattaraugus and Allegany counties.


The CA Teacher Center is governed by a 9 member Policy Board which meets four times a year. This board - comprised of teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, and representatives of higher education, business, and industry -is responsible for hiring Teacher Center personnel, establishing policies, deciding how monies will be spent, and overseeing the entire operation. This is the only New York State grant that, by law, both requires and allows for the autonomous rule of a governing board.


The programs offered through the Center are based upon an extensive needs assessment - evaluation process performed each year. Our programs are, therefore, closely aligned with teacher needs, the goals of each district, and State initiatives. To date the following services have been offered:

The policy board consists of representatives from the Teacher Center's public and private districts as well as other business and educational members. We operate under EdLaw 316 and Open Meetings Law. All are welcome to our meetings and the meeting minutes linked below.

Policy Board & Representatives 2023 - 2024

Allegany-Limestone CS    (Pam Davis) ** 

Andover CS                             (Sean Reilly)

Belfast CS                                (Bruce Harrington)

Bolivar-Richburg CS          (Mary Hirsch-Schena) **

CA BOCES                                (Marcel Kelly) **

Catt-Little Valley CS          (Stephanie Gassman)

Cuba-Rushford CS               (Monica Kwiatkowski)**

Ellicottville CS                      (Ann Chamberlain)**

Filmore CS                              (Jen Austin)

Franklinville CS                 (Janine Bell)

Friendship CS                       (Angela Anderson)

Genesee Valley CS              (Erica Scott)

Hinsdale CS                           (Tricia DeCapua)

Immaculate Conception  (Julie Willsin)

Olean CS                                  (Jenna Hendricks)

Parker-Jordan Christian (Ray Oberst)

Portville CS                           (Michelle Nodler)**

Randolph CS                         (Judy Luensman)

Salamanca CS                      (Amanda Baybak)

Scio CS                                    (Mike Pavlock)

St. Bona University          (Kathryn Andrews)**

Walsh/STCS                        (BethAnn Owens)

Wellsville  CS                     (Vacant)

West Valley CS                  (Katie Clouse)**

Whitesville CS                  (Wendy Stebbins)

Business                               (Mikki Cole) **

** - Policy Board Voting Member