Virtual Dissection & Scientific Exploration Workshop - May 23, 2023

The seminar was designed for all educators who love to reignite the passion for science in their students by using tools and resources shared at the workshop and the possibility of visiting Dr. Medler and using 3D Virtual Dissection tools with their students.

Exploration of Anatomage Tables

The Anatomage Table offers the most accurate interactive 3D anatomy and physiology platform through its life-size cadavers.

Building Tour

The entire Health Professions building was toured to better understand what is available for students in a future field trip.

Further Info

Delve into the world of Anatomage Tables through their website ( to gather further information. This will help you decide whether you'd be interested in arranging a field trip for your students. They can then experience immersive 3D anatomy exploration and engagement in a virtual modality at St. Bonaventure.