Students With Disabilities

NYS Teacher Center Extension Certification

Two major changes have occurred in the past few years regarding Students With Disabilities Certifications and the extension of grade levels and subject areas.  For complete details of changes, please click here

Currently, New York State Teacher Centers are the ONLY approved provider of either of the extensions listed below. 

Students With Disabilities Grade Level Extensions:

In June of 2018, the NYS Regents approved a new certification pathway for NYS SWD educators interested in extending their existing grade level certification to address the growing shortage of certified SWD teachers in NYS.

SWD Subject Area Extensions:

Effective July 1, 2021, SWD teachers who teach one or more subject areas in a special class in grades 7-12, with some or no students under alternate assessment, must either:

1) be certified in each subject area that they teach, or

2) meet the teaching experience requirement for the statement of continued eligibility (SOCE) and have an active SOCE application in TEACH in each subject area that they teach.

In 2021 Teacher Centers were approved to offer the subject area extensions to meet SOCE requirements in ELA, Math and Biology.

For a complete listing of FREE professional learning opportunities supported by our Statewide Leadership grant including the SWD Extension courses, please check out our current catalog.  There are also FREE courses being offered by Individual Teacher Centers which may include SE course. Those courses can be found here. Registration for all courses is on a first-come, first-served basis and is available via Frontline.

Each 45-hour CTLE grade level extension course below includes three areas of learning (subsets): Knowledge of Students, Instructional Strategies and Professional Practice. Each subset is made up of 15 hours, composed of five 3-hour sessions of learning specific to the subset area. Upon successful completion of the 45 hours and with the teaching experience identified below, teachers can apply for the certification extension with NYSED.  To see if you are eligible to apply, please read the FACT sheet.

Each 45-hour CTLE subject area extension meets the requirements of SOCE. For those who wish to apply for Special Education Limited Subject Certification extension through NYS, eligible special educators must be current holders of NYS Students with Disabilities Grades 5-9 or 7-12. 45 total hours of approved Special Education CTLE coursework is one part required to apply for certification extension. The first session of this course is dedicated to understanding the benefits and limitations of the extension.